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by Joe Wiedemann
Modern Classical Music

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Television and Film Orchestra and Ensemble  
   Film: Song of Songs 
PC  Mac   Film: Song of Songs

TV: Living in Paradise; Living in Fear 
PC  Mac  Living in Paradise; Living in Fear  KPBS-TV
  • The Year In News: 2003   KFMB-TV   (CBS)    Emmy Award Nominated

  • Song of Songs  (Film)     AXIEM Award Winne Joe Wiedemann - IMDb Nominated

  • Downtown Business Woman: (CBS) KFMB-TV  EMMY Award Nominated

  • Cooperstown: Baseball's Main Street, National Syndication

  • Heroes of 1997:  (CBS) KFMB-TV   EMMY Award Nominated

  • City Heights: Searching For San Diego (PBS) KPBS-TV AXIEM Award Winner

  • Behind the Scenes: Cinderella: (CBS) KFMB-TV  EMMY Award Nominated

  • Top Stories of 1999:  (CBS) KFMB-TV  AXIEM Award Winner

  • Remembering the 50's (PBS) KPBS-TV

  • Hillcrest: Searching For San Diego  (PBS)  KPBS-TV  

  • Adopt 8  KFMB-TV

  • Art Fair  KFMB-TV

  • Stress Free  KFMB-TV

  • Running Man  KFMB-TV

  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law: New Campus

  • 2010: Year-in-Review  KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • Miracle Babies PSA

  • 2009: Year-in-Review  KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • 2008: Year-in-Review  KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • CyberSafe (Produced by San Diego District Atty.)

  • Chula Vista Nature Center

  • Year In Review: 2004       KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • Year In Review: 2005       KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • Year In Review: 2006       KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • The Year That Was 2007   KFMB-TV (CBS)

  • La Torta (TV Commercial Spot)   

  • San Diego's Veterans (PBS) KPBS-TV 

  • Area 51: (CBS) KFMB-TV 

  • Keat the Killer Whale:  (CBS) KFMB-TV 

  • ReMax Business Real Estate Various Videos

  • Mama's Kitchen: Time Warner Cable TV 

  • San Diego: 1992:  KFMB-TV (CBS)                        

  • Cover Story  KFMB-TV (CBS) 

  • Transportation Management: Regional Trans. Council  

  • China Revolution: KFMB-TV (CBS) 

  • Real Winter:  (CBS) KFMB-TV 

  • Computer-Cable Connection:  (CBS) KFMB-TV (CBS)



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